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The planes intermingled, not neatly defined, but patched and twisted into each other, all radiating out from where Banda stood. You can find the springy ground and dazzling colors of Alohi blended with the cold, snowy lands of Cluthar. The dry grasses and stone of Ágil folded around the dense, lush blues and floating fauna of Pese Malosi. The peoples are just as wonderful and varied as the planes they inhabit.

From the journal of Ranger Murie
First of the Grove

A crackling campfire, a cozy cabin, friendly company, a primordial quantum being in the shape of a white-tailed prairie dog, and making s’mores.  There’s really nothing quite like living at Banda’s Grove: The Quantum Convergence of Campgrounds.

Banda’s Grove is a diceless, cozy, slice of life RPG with collaborative, legacy map drawing for 1+ players. A community-building game of discovery, quasi-magical quantum science, whimsy, and wonder!

Banda's Grove Camper Handbook Includes

  • 172-page PDF
  • 1-spread rule summary
  • Character Sheets
  • Hex Map Pack
  • Plane Records
  • Print-and-Play Badges
  • Camper and Spirit Cards
  • Nature Watching Cards
  • Quantum Event Cards
  • Nature Spot List


  • Diceless - Earn Pebbles to spend on actions and moves to achieve your goals, build Facilities, earn badges and help others!
  • Short or Long Sessions - Play a quick 'one-week' session in 45-90 minutes or a more traditional 3-4 hour game with multiple weeks, events, and story beats.
  • 10 Playbooks - Play as the Grove Ranger, Artist, Botanist, Chef, Counselor, Ecologist, Groundskeeper, Instructor, Quantum Specialist or Tenderfoot.
  • Festivals and Special Events - Unique events to plan that give bonuses and boons.
  • Badges to earn - Permanently add new actions or bonuses to your Camper!
  • Map Drawing - Define details and discoveries of the Grove directly on the map!
  • Facilities to Build - Build new facilities on fragments with Grove Projects that unlock new actions, festivals and more.
  • Lore, But Room For More - Enough lore to get you going, with rules and tips to collaboratively make the Grove yours.
  • Crafting! - Unlock player creativity with an easy and fun crafting system to make all the things you could want, need or imagine!
  • Blips - Mysterious Imbalances - Quantum instabilities cause blips to consume a Fragment. They can be healed and mended in several ways to get the Fragment and its facility back!
  • Multiple Formats Available: Full-color, Print Friendly, Singles, Spreads, booklet printing, .txt, .epub, and HTML.



It is rare to find a game which so thoroughly eschews the pattern of conquest and violence, which governs most tabletop. <strong>Banda's Grove embraces the simple rhythms of daily life in an alien and beautiful place</strong> and allows us to tend to our environment, make friends with the world, and pour our hearts into a place that matters. It imagines a world where we can care for our home and pour our heart into it, a rarity in modern life. Jay Dragon Creator of Wanderhome possumcreek.com

Banda's Grove is - I hope - the future of tabletop: a game that helps you bond at the table by inviting you to spin stories about people and places, not disasters and drama.  Banda's is quietly lyrical, simple and comforting, and could easily get every generation of a family at the table, telling tales together.  As an educator, the design opens a lot of doors for teaching; as a parent, it's just the game I want to play with my son.
Michael Low
Educator & Designer



Find the old game jam, along with the third-party license and creator resources here!

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Community Created Content


Get this game and 4 more for $32.00 USD
View bundle
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Could we maybe get some community copies, please? :)

Hi! So I just downloaded this hoping to Print and Play. Do you have maybe a list of all the files that should be printed? There's a lot of folders and files in the download, and it's a bit confusing figuring out what's needed or if I might need to print several copies of something.

(1 edit)

Hi! Thank you for reaching out. I agree, the folder organization is a bit of a mess and is something we’re looking at making simpler. Apologies about that.

For print and play I’d print:

In “Additional Formats & Print Friendly Folder”

  • CharacterSheet_PrintFriendly.pdf (one for each player)

In Map Files -> Maps

  • GroveMap_USLetter.pdf (1x)
  • FragmentDetailMap_USLetter.pdf (7x)

In Extras -> Print & Play

  • BG_SpotList.pdf (one for each player)

In Extras -> Print & Play -> Camper and Spirit Cards

  • CamperandSpiritCards_SingleSided.pdf

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any more questions. I’m happy to help.

Hi! Thanks for such a speedy response. This is meant to be a gift, so I'm trying to be extra careful haha. Are the printable token sheets not necessary for making the map? As well as the badges? Are the templates also there to help out with first playthroughs? I have to admit I haven't read through the entire rulebook, so I might be mistaken. 

Not a problem! I appreciate you asking these questions because it means others probably have them too, and I need to organize all this better.

There is a lot of extra content in there for people who want to make their own props to print (such as making their own creature cards, or pre-made Camper/Spirit cards). That’s what the templates are all there for.

You can absolutely print token sheets and badges for use on the maps and character sheets!

In the rules we encourage people to draw, sketch, and color on the maps, but supply the token sheets for people who would rather cut and paste those on the map instead.

We’ve had many players who draw their earned badges on their character sheet, but we provide the badge sheet to print out and use. Also, we offer a sticker sheet for the badges players can peel and stick onto their character sheets as they earn them.